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First Prekmurje restaurant in Ljubljana

Family roots of both owners are from Goričko in Prekmurje. Simplicity, work orientation and Prekmurje hospitality are our characters that have always driven us forward. We have started with an Italian restaurant. As most people we have believed foreign is better then domestic, so we have started with Italian cuisine, that’s where the name Nobile comes from. After five years we have realized that Ljubljana wants more – expects something traditional, domestic. We want to give Ljubljana a piece of Prekmurje, the best part of Slovene cuisine.

The first Prekmurje restaurant in Ljubljana has opened in 2007 at Zarnikova 3. With our team we have brought Prekmurje to Ljubljana and offered people of Ljubljana Prekmurje cuisine. Our guests and tourist agencies have been encouraging us to get closer to the old town of Ljubljana and tourist spots due to our excellent food. In 2012 we have opened another Prekmurje restaurant Güjžina at Mestni trg.

Güjžina was warmly accepted by our regular guests and visitors of the old Ljubljana, so we have expend at this location. We have decided to focus all our energy to one location and at the end of 2015 closed the restaurant at Zarnikova. Our entire offer from Zarnikova is also available in Güjžina.

In July 2020 we are starting to present Prekmurje cuisine in a new way. Güjžina is presenting even more diversitile and healthier menu from all over Slovenia. Additional to our regular menu of Prekmurje dishes you can order dishes from all areas of Slovenia. Dishes from Štajerska, Koroška, Dolenjska, Gorenjska, Primorska and Notranjska are changing in our menu weekly.

»Save the best from the tradition and understand the present« is our saying and we hope to continue offering the hospitality and cosiness which is not existing without our valued guests.

Ester Perozzi and Boštjan Mencingar


Ester Perozzi in Boštjan Mencingar
Güjžina – Ester Perozzi in Boštjan Mencingar

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